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26 Feb

Exclusive: a report from headteacher support service Headrest will warn school leaders' mental health is being "ravaged" by the pressures of Ofsted and the "softening the edges" approach being taken by the new chief inspector will not solve the issue.

"We do not believe that Ofsted softening the edges of its approach is now the answer," support service Headrest is set to say in its annual report.

The report comes just weeks before we get details of Ofsted's anticipated 'Big Listen' project.

School leaders' mental health is being 'ravaged' by Ofsted and the efforts of Martyn Oliver (HMCI) to 'soften' its approach will not be enough to deal with the stress levels driving heads to quit the profession, warns Headrest report. 

The current Ofsted inspection system is 'neither fair nor proportionate' says ASCL's Tom Middlehurst following concerns raised over school leader mental health in Headrest's annual report.

These are just a selection of the social media posts (X) from the TES that accompanied their exclusive preview of our latest 2024 Annual Headteacher Wellbeing Report.

We encourage school leaders to share the report with colleagues, governors, local authority advisers, politicians etc. 

You can download the 2024 annual report here:

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