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02 Feb

Our latest Headteacher Wellbeing Report is available to download. We've kept it brief and succinct so that the key messages do not get lost. Please share the findings with colleagues and governors as we continue our work to ensure that as a system we prioritise the wellbeing of our headteachers and future leaders.

Headrest started its work in October 2020. We are an entirely voluntary operation designed to offer a confidential listening ear to headteachers. We receive no funding, and the team that provide the service are all experienced former headteachers who give up their own time to help. We are only able to exist because of the generosity of a number of supporters who cover our operating costs through donations, such as the cost of the website and phone line. 

This our first annual wellbeing report, the purpose of which is to provide an overview of the key issues that have emerged. We, of course, have a moral imperative to protect the confidentiality of individual callers, thus this report focuses on key themes rather than individual cases. However, we postulate that the concerns we raise in this report will go well beyond those school leaders who have called us directly...

To continue reading the report please download a copy using the link below. 

You can read the TES article here that exclusively covers the launch of the report ('Heads 'treated abysmally' during Covid crisis').

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