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17 May

Here at Headrest we have had a discussion about coaching and supervision. 

Increasingly in our conversations with headteachers who get in touch with us we are asked “How do I go about finding a coach / How do I go about getting some supervision for myself?”  

It has become increasingly obvious to us that many of our callers would really benefit from having a professional coach or supervision. 

We all value coaching and supervision and we all provide this service professionally; however we do not believe that it would be ethical for us to turn Headrest callers into our own clients and nor do we want to recommend any other businesses.  

Headrest is unique in that we believe that it is only experienced headteachers who can fully empathise and understand the issues facing heads and so we are wanting to compile a list, not of recommendations, but of people who we believe have the relevant experience to help in this regard. 

We intend to put together a list of suitable people that we can give to heads who request it.  

We are looking for those who have coaching and/or supervision experience (preferably, but not necessarily with qualifications) and: 

  • Significant headship experience of leading schools in challenging contexts
  • Significant headship experience of leading special schools
  • Significant headship experience of leading schools in isolated areas

If you would like to go onto this list please email hello@headrestuk.co.uk and in no more than one page tell us your experience as outlined above together with how much you charge per session.  

It is likely that prior to going on our list we will arrange a short meeting with you (via zoom).

* The email will not be published on the website.